It’s Tarantino. It lives up to its title. The 70mm and Ultra Panavision lenses he shot on, making it a super-wide visual splendor. It’s Tarantino’s next installment (after “Reservoir Dogs”) of his lifelong homage to the Japanese whodunnit classic “Rashomon”. Then you have the dialogue. The dialogue pushes the envelope so far, it’s impossible not to have a visceral reaction, whether a chuckle or horrified gasp. There’s no in-between with this film. The film excels at it’s acting, pacing, and tone. There’s nothing else like it, seamlessly blending slapstick with ultra violence. Then there’s the cinematography, you literally feel transported to another time in what seems like the widest angles in modern film history.

hateful 8










The film is poised to win awards in that department. What leaves me really scratching my head about 8 and in general, is how Tarantino continually gets away with such a foul mouth. Sure the film is set at the end of the Civil War. Sure you have one of the most prolific and well loved black actors in it. But looking at Tarantino’s entire body of work, with the gratuitous racial and misogynistic epithets, they almost seem like a running joke by now. But after all, the title is called “The Hateful Eight” so this is all merited, right? Another mystery unsolved. Regardless, the man is talented and the film itself is a cinematic achievement. Watch it for yourself.